C&EN @ COP21 – Paris Climate Change Conference – 2015, November 30 to December 11

Check out these deep dives (and a quiz) on climate science

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

In conjunction with the Paris meeting, news outlets around the world are taking critical looks at the nexus of climate change, technology, and science.

The Associated Press digs into the scientific observations showing how the world has changed since governments struck the last climate change accord, the Kyoto protocol, in 1997, concluding Earth is a wilder, warmer place now.

Take a quiz on climate change science — the Christian Science Monitor has one that you might find challenging.

Nature magazine dives into whether a 2 °C world is a fantasy of government leaders. Check out the great graphics. And The New York Times offers a set of simple questions and complicated answers about climate change policy and science.

The Guardian explores a key announcement by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about a new alliance of 120 nations and industry on large-scale expansion of solar energy. Its goal is to raise $400 million. Bench scientists, take note — a significant chunk of that money is likely to go to research and development in this field.

And my favorite — a guide to translate all that diplomatic climate jargon from Climate Central.


Cheryl Hogue began learning climate jargon while covering the first climate change conference in 1992.

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